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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

New Tattoos Autumn 2018.

The Ink Room in Norwich where I visited in September to get more tattoos!

Ok so I know tattoos aren't for everybody but I love them and if you follow my blog and social media then sometimes you are gonna see some ink.

I don't know why I am so late in posting about my latest tattoos, I had these both done back in August and it is now November already! Not quite sure how over two months have managed to pass and I haven't blogged about them.

Time has just gone so quickly and to be honest, I have been having a bit of a blog identity crisis lately so have been unsure what content to feature and what not to feature but that's a whole other blog post...

Anyway, on to the tattoos!

I booked both of these with the lovely Rebecca who runs The Inkroom Norwich way back in February after searching for local artists online. She always has a waiting list (all good tattooists usually do!) and while I felt SO impatient at having to wait nearly half a year, the tattoos were well worth it.

I know each and every person is different but personally I don't think tattoos should be done on a whim. They should be planned and then sat on for at least 6 months to ensure you definitely like the design, placement and of course still want it at all.

My dad has one tattoo on his arm (a skull and crossbones, funny enough in the same place as my new skull tattoo) and he has always said he regretted getting it pretty much straight after having it done.

He had gone along with a couple of friends who intended on having a tattoo done when he was about 17 and upon walking in and seeing what his friends were getting done (they were all into motorbikes at the time) decided to get one himself. Because of his regret, dad was always concerned when I showed an interest in tattoos at a young age - understandable really given his experience -  but I am definitely not one of those who has lived to regret mine in fact the more I get the more I love them. I have 11 now (with my 12th booked with Rebecca for next March).

I enjoy the entire process when it comes to getting a tattoo from planning it to getting it done to how they look afterwards. Even the ones I had done years ago (I realised when writing this I had my first one done 16 years ago now!) and know I wouldn't choose to have done today I don't regret. They were what I wanted at the time and to me tattoos are almost like diary entries; when I look at my inkings or talk about them I am reminded of who I was and what I was doing back then.

Anyway, I digress, onto the tattoos....

I had two done with Rebecca, the first was a geometric bunny on the back of my left tricep. As many of you will know we used to have bunnies and they were the first pets I ever had. I never understood how people could love their pets so much until I had my own so this tattoo is to represent them.

The second is a skull wearing a crown. The reasons behind this one are far less sentimental; I just bloody love skulls and I loved the idea of a sassy skull wearing a crown (cos every girl needs a crown right?) I wanted said crown slightly wonky too to represent that I am not perfect but still a queen nonetheless (ha!)

I am so pleased with them, especially now they have both healed up nicely! Of the whole process the healing is the worst part because it gets so itchy! I found myself slapping the skull in the end to stop the temptation to scratch.

My next tattoo is going to be on the same arm as my sassy skull and but on the forearm. I like the idea of creating the illusion of half sleeve without having a full on half sleeve (if that even makes any sense?!) I prefer when the tattoos remain separate as appose to looking like one full tattoo, just my preference.

Next time I am getting angel wings because, while I am not religious, I am very spiritual and fiercely believe in devine intervention and fate. I also feel like my nan has followed me around and guided me since she passed away when I was nine because of a few experiences I have had and like the idea of having the angel wings in memory of her. I totally get that it is each to their own when it comes to the afterlife and a lot of people think it is a load of crap but I do truly believe something happens after life (or at least hope something happens!)

That is also why I love tattoos too and peoples reasons behind having them; they are unique to that person and that person only. Like a piece of jewellery, they mean everything to the owner and probably nothing to everyone else.

I really can't wait to have my next tattoo, weirdly enough I have just realised that the date in March that I am having it done is three days before the date Nan passed away and two days before her sisters 80th birthday. Spooky!

It is obviously meant to be.

The Ink Room Norwich is on both Instagram and Facebook.

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