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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Why I Have Stopped Talking About Diets on Social Media.

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The other month I had an epiphany; I must stop talking about weight loss, healthy eating and anything associated with those topics on my social media accounts.


Well let's think about it for a second; how does it make you feel when you see endless images online of fitness influencers and their perfectly toned abs, pert bottoms and slender limbs? I'll bet most of the time it makes you feel a bit fed up. Even if you're in the midst of trying to lose a bit of weight or get into shape.

I know that if I am being honest, those images make me feel pretty crap about myself. What about you?

I am not criticising those who promote heathy living online or have made a career out of it either, honestly I'm not. But I see so much of it these days (notice none of these influencers put any images of them messing up their healthy eating or not going to the gym because they can't be arsed) so it is hard not to feel shit when you look in the mirror and compare yourself to the images you see online.

If you follow my Instagram account you will know that last year I was following a keto lifestyle and posting about it online. I felt great and easily lost weight but realistically it was hard to stick to long term. For me anyway. At the time though I was happily posting photos of my meals and updates of my weight loss to my followers unaware of how promoting a certain way of eating or my weight loss journey could make others feel.

Healthy eating and exercise is important yes, but constantly bombarding your followers with perfect images of weight loss, diet and exercise doesn't portray the real deal. Changing your lifestyle to get healthier is bloody hard work. Getting your arse off of the sofa to go for a run when you're so out of shape is hard and losing weight takes time and willpower. It isn't a pretty Instagrammable image. Those who are looking to these accounts for inspiration to change their lives may end up simply feeling as though their goals are impossible to reach or worse yet, hate towards their own body.

There are some great accounts on instagram that show real weight loss journeys, warts and all, that are brilliant motivation for those starting off and wanting support or inspiration to keep going. I would advise anyone wanting to improve themselves to seek those accounts out as appose to the ones with pretty pictures of a perfect butt squatting in tiny shorts. Those accounts are only interested in how many likes they can get or selling their new line of protein powder (in my opinion).

I have put on weight over the last few months because I have been overindulging. No excuses. I have barely been exercising and I have been greedy and while I am a bit annoyed with myself, I have to admit I have quite enjoyed it.

I have been here before and I know what I need to do to sort myself out, I won't however be posting health and weight loss updates online like I would have done in the past.

While I don't have a huge social media following, I will now always be aware of the fact that when I am posting pictures of healthy meals and weight loss, there could be someone scrolling through who isn't feeling that great about themselves who then feels worse for seeing it. I don't ever want to make anyone else question their own bodies or lifestyle choices or make them feel bad about themselves.

I know we can't be responsible for everyone elses happiness but we can be more conscious of what we post online and why we are putting it on there. We can also ensure our posts send a positive message as appose to one that could be damaging.

This year I have been working hard at accepting myself for who I am and learning to love myself whatever I look like even if it isn't 'perfect'. I think that is the most important message to send out instead of the notion people need to be a certain dress size or weight to feel happy. True happiness comes from within and if you can love yourself at what you would class to be your 'worst' then you will appreciate yourself at your best.

(Just to be clear, I will still be posting pictures of food because food is LIFE)

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