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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

What Does 'Act Your Age' Even Mean?

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Surely age is irrelevant when it comes to being happy and being yourself?

I recently heard a discussion between a group of people discussing someone needing to 'act their age' and it got me thinking; what does that even mean?

So many times when referring to someone a bit older you hear it used whether it is in reference to how they're behaving, what they're wearing or how they choose to enjoy themselves in their personal time and it really pisses me off.

Personally, how I choose to live my life is my business and I don't feel it warrants someone elses input and I know I will continue to feel that way no matter what. In fact I feel I am giving less and less of a shit the older I am getting. I have read countless articles by bloggers or journalists who claim you shouldn't shop in Topshop after you turn thirty (you shouldn't shop in their for other reasons now of course but that's a whole other blog post) or have heard relatives scoff at someone not 'acting their age' because they still like to let their hair down whether that means going to a festival, a weekend away with friends or having a few too many drinks on a night out.

My question is; who the bloody hell decided there were age restrictions on dress codes or behaviour? And what are these restrictions? Why can't people just be happy and left to live their life however they choose to whether it is wearing denim shorts well into their sixties or getting pissed with their friends in their forties. Who cares?

I totally appreciate that some things shouldn't be done past a certain age such as a man of 60 lusting after a girl of 20 for example (sorry if that's you but I just don't agree with it, it's creepy, same goes the other way around too I'm not sexist). Obviously that is inappropriate but if someone is happy and content with how they are living their life and not hurting anyone else then who are we to question it.

I love my dress sense and actually, the older I get the more confidence I have to express myself visually by what I wear and how I present myself. I'm not about to give that up simply because next year I will be in my mid thirties. Yes there are certain clothes I perhaps wouldn't wear anymore but that is because I don't want to wear them or I don't feel I suit the style anymore. Not because of anyone else's opinion.

Times are changing in many ways and people are allowed to live their lives more freely thankfully and things such as having families or careers aren't as limiting as they used to be. While your family and their needs come first it shouldn't be the end of your social life, you are a still a human being with needs just as your were before plus I feel it is important for children to recognise that their parents aren't just there to serve them and have lives to live also.

As for going out or drinking too much wine when with friends or family, that's what life is about isn't it? Having fun and letting your hair down? We are all living longer these days (if we're lucky) so who would want to get old well before their expiry date? and who even made up these rules that you have to act and dress a certain way by a certain age anyway? And what are the rules and age limits? I for one would love to know.

If I want to wear leopard print trousers or a pink fluffy jumper until the day I die then that is down to me and me only. If I wanna go out with mates and be loud and let my hair my hair down, acting as though I am still twenty and laughing until my cheeks hurt then I will do. I would much rather be that person than some old misery manning about everyone else from my armchair.

Your personality and who you are as a person doesn't change just because you get older. Yes it adjusts and matures and there are certain things you may have done when you were twenty that you wouldn't choose to do now but that is your choice not societies.

Live your life how you want, wear what you want and do as you want (within reason) as long as you're not hurting anyone then seriously what does it matter?

Too many people have too many opinions on how other people should live their lives and it is pathetic. My opinion is those people have far too much time on their hands or are not content with their own lives (or both).

You do you hun. Sod everyone else. You will be so much happier for it.

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